“There can be no effective control of corporations while their political activity remains.”

Theodore Roosevelt



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We advocate a constitutional amendment
to specify that corporations do not (and never were intended to) have constitutional rights that entitle them to put their interests ahead of the public welfare.

The Bill of Rights applies only to people!

We are part of a national movement actively promoting such a constitutional amendment.

We are not affiliated with any political party!

Write A Letter

A vital and impactive strategy in standing up for the Bill Of Rights, and our Constitution is to write a Letter to the Editor such as this letter:

"Oil Industry Spokesman Misrepresents Local Citizen Efforts To Protect Environment"
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What do we stand for?

Because we believe that the Supreme Court
has for the past 100 years erroneously conferred constitutional protections on corporations,
as though they were natural persons,
we are vigorously promoting
the adoption of a constitutional amendment
to overturn a succession of flawed court rulings
to ensure that the Bill of Rights
applies only to people.

This is what the Founding Fathers intended.

Please Join Us in this Effort!


Democracy Over Corporations




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Why money creation
is central to most
of the problems
faced by society

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to protect,
through the power
of home rule, the County’s waters
and the health
of its people
from the threat of contamination by fracking wastes
from neighboring states.

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An Ordinance Establishing A Community Bill Of Rights For Residents And Natural Communities Of Athens And Protecting Those Rights By Prohibiting Shale Gas And Oil Extraction And Related Activities; And By Elevating The Rights And Governance Of The People Of Athens Over Those Privileges Bestowed On Certain Extraction Corporations.
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