“Corporation: An ingenious device for obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility.”



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“…let us prohibit in effective fashion all corporations from making contributions for any purpose, directly or indirectly.”

John Adams


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We advocate a constitutional amendment
to specify that corporations do not (and never were intended to) have constitutional rights that entitle them to put their interests ahead of the public welfare.

The Bill of Rights applies only to people!

We are part of a national movement actively promoting such a constitutional amendment.

We are not affiliated with any political party!

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A vital and impactive strategy in standing up for the Bill Of Rights, and our Constitution is to write a Letter to the Editor such as this letter:

"Oil Industry Spokesman Misrepresents Local Citizen Efforts To Protect Environment"
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Image of Lady Justice on the Athens County Courthouse in Athens, Ohio

What we believe

We believe that corporations serve important functions,
namely to provide people with goods and services,
but that corporate interests should not dominate public policy.

We believe that corporate money should be kept out of elections so that politicians can be primarily responsible to the citizens they represent,
not to corporate and potentially foreign corporate interests.

We believe that local governments can be self empowered
to provide for their citizens clean water, clean air and healthy foods
by preventing corporate actions within their boundaries that threaten these things.

We believe that because local, small businesses are vital
to healthy local economies, communities should be free to support these businesses through appropriate zoning laws and tax structures.
We hold these truths to be self evident!

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“The great problem of having corporate citizens is that they aren’t like the rest of us. As Baron Thurlow in England... said, ‘They have no soul to save, and they have no body to incarcerate.’ ”

from The Corporation
Robert Monks

Democracy Over Corporations

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Why money creation
is central to most
of the problems
faced by society

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to protect,
through the power
of home rule, the County’s waters
and the health
of its people
from the threat of contamination by fracking wastes
from neighboring states.

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An Ordinance Establishing A Community Bill Of Rights For Residents And Natural Communities Of Athens And Protecting Those Rights By Prohibiting Shale Gas And Oil Extraction And Related Activities; And By Elevating The Rights And Governance Of The People Of Athens Over Those Privileges Bestowed On Certain Extraction Corporations.
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