“There can be no effective control of corporations while their political activity remains.”

Theodore Roosevelt



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We advocate a constitutional amendment
to specify that corporations do not (and never were intended to) have constitutional rights that entitle them to put their interests ahead of the public welfare.

The Bill of Rights applies only to people!

We are part of a national movement actively promoting such a constitutional amendment.

We are not affiliated with any political party!

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A vital and impactive strategy in standing up for the Bill Of Rights, and our Constitution is to write a Letter to the Editor such as this letter:

"Oil Industry Spokesman Misrepresents Local Citizen Efforts To Protect Environment"
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Who Creates Money
and Where Does It Go?

Democracy History Calendar

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Sept !8, 2018

Director of
Saving Communities
Pittsburg, PA

"Land, Money, and Privilige-Free Trade "

4:00 pm
Room 103 Porter Hall
Ohio University

Athens, OH  45710

"The Myth of Corporate Efficiency "

7:00 pm
Athens Community Center
701 E State St

Athens, OH  45710

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Dan Sullivan has written articles on various aspects of land monopoly, has spoken around the world, and has testified to state legislative and US Congressional committees.

"Dan Sullivan knows more about tax economics than anyone I know."
Gurney Breckenfeld
Real Estate Editor
Fortune Magazine

More about Dan

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